oleander time

'oleander time' she says, 'lovers who kill each other now will blame it on the wind'

estoy Ciel
thespian with a knack for the kitchen

tomorrow i start at the same job i started 3 years ago. main reason being, i really need money and a steady paycheck. i think you realize that when you get older. you really just search for the job that you know your going to perform best, and that will ultimately give you steady pay. as far as knowing what your going to make goes. i need something that will allow me to do my acting when the time comes again. as far as living at my parents again.. definitely not the highlight of my life at 21. but, probably not the highlight of my fiance’s either. i’m just praying and hoping that we’ll be able to make it out of this with more to say for than we can now. i know we’ve been through a lot together, a lot of ups, a lot of downs- but a lot more ups than downs and i know we’re smart, talented people. I just can’t help feeling… back where i started 3 years ago. Is this a sign or is this where life simply keeps proceeding? life doesn’t necessarily start or end if your in a different place in the world, it just keeps going. you may have the same job as you did in a different place as you did when you were a teenager at home. Maybe that mindset will help me keep going.

Just keep going.